Supply system for power & compressed air with automatic ejection

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  • With kind approval from BAI Sonderfahrzeuge GmbH
  • With kind approval from Josef Lentner GmbH
  • With kind approval from Müller Fahrzeugbau GmbH
  • With kind approval from Thoma WISS GmbH + Co. KG Feuerwehrfahrzeuge
  • With kind approval from Visser Leeuwarden (NL)
  • With kind approval from Walser GmbH
  • With kind approval from Albert Ziegler GmbH

Satisfied customers talk about the PowAirBox®.


"Always ready to go."

"Reliability and constant availability of the vehicles for use are especially important for our work. Since we are already successfully using a range of chargers, DC-DC converters and a power generator from LEAB, we did not hesitate to use the PowAirBox for our power and compressed air supply.

We are delighted with the straightforward use of the PowAirBox – simply insert the coupling and this is ejected immediately as soon as you set out on your next mission. The battery indicator keeps us constantly informed about the battery’s state of charge and warns us if the voltage is too high or too low. It couldn’t be easier.
We installed the device ourselves. The manufacturer looked over our shoulder while we did it, and the result is an installation video designed to make self-installation easier.“

Kay-Michael Heil, chief fire officer




"It was the absolute right decision."

"We put our first PowAirBox A into operation one year ago. 230 V supply with compressed air in one supply cable. Before that, the supply was via a long helical cable with 24 V (DIN connector) and additional compressed air line. The PowAirBox is a significant improvement, also with regard to safety and optimum battery charging."

Sascha Mathis, chief fire officer