Supply system for power & compressed air with automatic ejection

An innovative & safe mains supply for many applications: combined power and compressed air supply with the PowAirBox®!

In every type of commercial vehicle it is necessary for all the on-board functions to be ready for use at all times. However, this is quite literally vital for vehicles used by the rescue services, because in these cases, lives might be lost if the technology does not work perfectly. Charged batteries and full compressed air tanks are among the most important basic requirements for a successful rescue mission where every second counts.  

Up to now, this could only be guaranteed by using two separate systems for power and compressed air supply. This is not only impractical, it also involves a significant risk potential: the plug connections can be forgotten when the vehicle leaves the station, leading to considerable damage to the vehicle and the building. In addition, every time the vehicle is called out, two connecting lines have to be separated manually from the vehicle.

With the PowAirBox® these problems are a thing of the past!

The PowAirBox® is a supply system that was especially developed for rescue vehicles and fire trucks. It supplies every vehicle with power and with compressed air if required. When the vehicle engine is started, a special separation device automatically separates the supply line from the vehicle. Ejection is by means of a stainless steel spring and an electric magnet which can withstand any load. Even repeated engine start-up does not cause any damage.

The PowAirBox® is available in 4 variants, whereby the couplings with and without compressed air are mutually compatible. Coded pins reliably prevent faulty connections being made e.g. between a 24 V coupling and a 12 V on-board power supply.

PowAirBox®: Supply system for power & compressed air with automatic ejection

A battery state of charge display with LED indication is part of the standard equipment. This guarantees permanent checks on the current state of charge of the battery. In the event of undervoltage, a clearly audible acoustic signal is sounded in addition to the optical display. The extremely sturdy ejection system separates the supply coupling when the vehicle is started. The round protective cover is then lowered automatically over the coupling and closes it magnetically.

Two of the auxiliary contacts available in the standard version can be freely assigned, for example for status display on the central PC, for start prevention or charging at higher charging powers. The PowAirBox® complies with the currently valid DIN 14679. The insulated protected casing is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide in accordance with PA6 GF30 and the IP55 standard.

The PowAirBox® is absolutely operator-friendly, reliable and maintenance-free on-board equipment which has an excellent chance of becoming the norm in future. We grant a warranty period of at least 3 years for all orders (optionally up to 5 years).

The journal ("Rettung & Feuerwehr" = Rescue & Fire Brigade) reported on the innovative PowAirBox concept:

LEAB at the Interschutz 2015 in Hanover