Supply system for power & compressed air with automatic ejection

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Can an existing supply system be converted to PowAirBox?

Yes, conversion is no problem in most cases. Just ask our experts.

Are there adapter cables available to be able to use the PowAirBox with an existing supply system?

Yes, we offer adapter cables for all standard supply systems.

How high is the maximum current load on the contacts?

Max. 20A may flow via the contacts L1 (+), N (-) and PE. A maximum of 13A may flow via the auxiliary contacts.

Are the A and B versions of the PowAirBox mutually compatible?

A and B versions are mutually compatible – a distinction is only made between the different voltages. It is not possible, for example, to insert a 24V PowAirBox A-coupling into a 12V PowAirBox B supply.

What kind of charger can be used for the 12V or 24 V version?

LEAB Champ and ABC/CPC chargers with a charging current up to 20A are suitable, for example.

Is a compressed air supply necessary for the coupling to be ejected?

A compressed air supply is not necessary since ejection works electro-mechanically.

How much pressure may be supplied to the PowAirBox A?

The maximum operating pressure is 13 bar.

What signal is used to eject the coupling from the vehicle?

Ejection is usually triggered via terminal 50.

What is Terminal C on the back of the supply for?

Terminal C is for auxiliary contacts which can be configured freely.

What is Terminal B on the back of the supply for?

Terminal B is the connection for battery monitoring / LED indicator.

What is Terminal A on the back of the supply for?

Terminal A serves to trigger ejection (e.g. with terminal 50).

Can the PowAirBox be installed in 12V and 24V vehicles?

Yes, the on-board voltage of the vehicles is detected automatically.

Can the coupling cable be wound up using a cable wind?

Use of a cable wind is not permitted since the cable must hang tension-free from the ceiling. This is the only way to guarantee reliable ejection.

The coupling is not ejected?

Is terminal 50 not connected or is it without voltage?

Is a separate fuse required for the PowAirBox in the vehicle?

The PowAirBox does not provide cable, equipment or personal protection, these must be dimensioned and applied in accordance with the relevant standards.

What maintenance work has to be done on the PowAirBox?

Regular electrical checks e.g. according to BGV-A3 must be carried out depending on the area of application. Soiling must be cleaned off regularly.

How long is the PowAirBox warranty period?

The standard warranty period offered by LEAB for the PowAirBox is 3 years. This can be extended to up to 5 years at an extra charge.

Can the PowAirBox be installed outside the vehicle body?

Yes, the back of the PowAirBox supply and connectors are waterproof (IP 68).

Are there specialist retailers for the PowAirBox?

Yes, we have a network of specialist retailers throughout Europe. Please get in touch, we will forward your enquiry.

Can the PowAirBox be ordered directly from LEAB?

Yes, you can purchase the PowAirBox directly from LEAB.

How heavy is the PowAirBox?

It weights 1.2 kg without cables.

What are the PowAirBox dimensions?

Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 193 x 110 x 145 mm. Installation dimensions (HxWxD): 163 x 79 x121 mm. You will find a dimensional drawing in the manual.

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How are the auxiliary contacts connected in the coupling?

The standard version of the PowAirBox coupling has a jumper and the contacts aux. con1 and aux. con2 are connected. If the auxiliary contacts are to be used externally, the jumper must be disconnected and connected to the free wires.

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What significance do the cable colours have?

Brown = L1/live, blue = N/neutral, green/yellow = PE/protective earth, black = auxiliary contact 1, grey = auxiliary contact 2


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What can the auxiliary contacts be used for?

The auxiliary contacts can be used e.g. for setting up start prevention, transmitting data, opening the hall doors when the coupling is ejected etc.

What material is the PowAirBox casing made of?

It is PA6 GF30 (glass-fibre reinforced polyamide).

Is the PowAirBox compliant with DIN 14679?

Yes, the requirements of the current DIN 14679 are fulfilled.

I have some technical questions about the PowAirBox; who can I contact?

Please contact us, we will be happy to help. Send your technical questions to powairbox@(*** please remove ***)leab.eu

Are other cable lengths available for the coupling?

Yes, 4 m is the standard length included with the unit. The cable lengths 5, 6, 7, 10 and 15 m are available at an extra charge.

Are two supply cables required for compressed air and power?

No, one combined cable (power and compressed air) is required for power and compressed air supply.

Where are the optimum installation positions on a vehicle?

To avoid excessive soiling, LEAB recommends a minimum height of approx. 1 m. The optimum installation position varies depending on the vehicle type. Please contact us if you are not sure of the best position.

Helpful tips and information for installation of the PowAirBox you can find here.http://www.powairbox.de/de/einbau.html

Does LEAB offer installation of the PowAirBox?

Our network of service partners will be able to help. Contact us for advice about where you can have the installation work done.

What is the best way to suspend the coupling?

We recommend ceiling installation with the PowAirBox ceiling device to relieve the strain on the cables, leave a gap of at least 40 cm to the outer edge of the vehicle. The cable should have a slight downward sag.

How is the cable attached?

Installation in the hall can be done with the ceiling device. We recommend such ceiling attachment to prevent the coupling lying around on the floor.

Where can I have the PowAirBox retrofitted if I cannot do it myself?

In a vehicle body shop or at the vehicle body manufacturer’s.

Our network of service partners will be able to help. Contact us for advice about where you can have the installation work done.

What qualifications are necessary for proper installation?

You need a qualified electrician and vehicle body technician. If you are not sure whether you are properly qualified, please do not install the PowAirBox yourself, have the work done by an expert.

How is the supply cable connected to the domestic installation?

The supply cable is connected to the existing domestic installation by means of terminal connectors. This work must be done by a qualified electrician. Alternatively, the unit can be delivered with Schuko or CEE connector.

Three LEDs on the display show a chaser light. Is this a fault?

The voltage supply to the PowAirBox may be incorrect. Check connection B on the back of the PowAirBox, the voltage supply to the battery system and the cables and fuses used.

The battery display is not showing anything?

Is battery voltage connected to Terminal B or can you measure voltage at Terminal B?

When is the coupling ejected?

The coupling is ejected when the vehicle engine is started.

Why is the PowAirBox beeping?

The internal buzzer is on and is signalling a low voltage alarm. Voltage of the battery system is < 23.0V or < 11.5V. The battery is flat and must be charged.

What does the red LED mean?

Voltage of the battery system is < 23.0V or < 11.5V. The battery is flat and must be charged.

What does the yellow LED mean?

Battery voltage is between 23.1V and 24.3V or between 11.6V and 12.1V. The battery is almost flat and should be charged.

What does the second green LED on the right-hand side mean?

Battery voltage is between 24.5V and 25.1V or between 12.2V and 12.5V. The battery is partly charged.

What does the top green LED on the right-hand side mean?

Battery voltage is between 25.2V and 26.4V or between 12.6V and 13.2V. The battery is fully charged.

The battery indicator is still running although the coupling has been unplugged, is that normal?

It takes a little while for the battery to reach idling voltage, the indicator keeps running until this is the case. When the vehicle engine is running the battery is charged via the vehicle’s generator, so this behaviour is normal when the engine is running.

Can a 12V coupling be inserted into a 24V or 230V supply?

No, the couplings and supplies are coded. It is not possible to insert the coupling on a different voltage supply.

Can the charge status of the battery be monitored using the PowAirBox?

Yes, the battery indicator on the front shows the charge status of the battery charged by the PowAirBox.

What does the LED chaser light mean?

The battery is being charged, battery voltage > 26.5V or > 13.3V