Supply system for power & compressed air with automatic ejection

Supplementary products, compatibility & product accessories

The PowAirBox® includes an intelligent power management and can be used in vehicles with either 12 V or 24 V. Devices with or without compressed air are interchangeable. Only the voltage levels (12/24 V and 230 V) are coded against one another.


*Option: Extended warranty for the 4th and 5th year.

All the devices have a battery indicator and 2 auxiliary contacts for free assignment as standard features.

Supplementary products
Type Description Art.-no.
Ceiling device Stainless steel bracket with PA cover and accessories 1549.000.000
Champ 1230 Pro Charger 12 V 30 A Wet cell/gel/AGM batteries 01.010.43890
Champ 2420 Pro Charger 24 V 20 A Wet cell/gel/AGM batteries 01.010.43891
CPC 1230 Charger 12 V, 30 A 01.010.36930
CPC 2420 Charger 24 V, 20 A 01.010.36903
CTS-5 5 m combined sensor for CPC charger 16.010.35598
Adapter PowAirBox B CEE, 1 m H07BQ-F 3G2, 5/230 V 1549.230.024
Adapter PowAirBox B Schuko, 2.5 m H07BQ-F 230 V 1549.230.021
Adapter PowAirBox B Schuko, 5 m H07BQ-F 3G2, 5/230 V 1549.230.022
PCM4 Electric switch panel 1501.035.006

Production information related to the accessories

Champ 1230 Pro Champ 2420 Pro CPC 1230 CPC 2420 PCM4